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The Pack is the organizational unit for Cub Scouts. Within the Pack are a number of Dens which are smaller units made up of boys from the same age group or grade level. There are generally 3 to 10 boys in each den.

Typical Activites
The Pack meets once per month generally on the last Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Meetings sometimes vary depending upon the nature of the activity for the month. Dens typically meet about twice per month either at someone’s home, at school, or at some location for a field trip. Pack activities include: Pinewood Derby; Raingutter Regatta; service projects such as Scouting for Food, Christmas tree recycling, holiday outreach, visits to Seniors’ homes, Coastal Clean-Up, community clean-up; camping trips, summer day camp, hiking, and fishing; overnight stays on the Pampanito, the USS Hornet, Oakland Zoo and SF Aquarium of the Bay.

The Tiger Cubs are a den for first-grade boys. The Tiger Cub motto is: Search, Discover, Share. Each Tiger Cub Den is sponsored by an adult partner. At the end of the year, Tiger Cubs graduate to a Cub Den. Tiger Cubs relies on a strong relationship between a boy’s participation and that of his parent.

Tiger Den leader:
TBD (info will be updated once season gets rolling)

When a boy first becomes a Cub Scout, his parent teaches him his Bobcat requirements: learning the Cub Scout Promise, Law of the Pack, handshake, salute, sign, and motto. If a Cub Scout has completed the first grade or is 8 years old he may enter a Wolf Den and begin working on his twelve Wolf achievements. Upon completion of the achievements, he is awarded the Wolf badge, and may continue to work on Wolf electives in twenty-two different areas.

Wolf Den leader:
Sarah George
E-Mail Sarah

When a Cub Scout has completed the second grade (or is 9 years old) he begins working on his Bear achievements. There are twenty-four achievements in four different groups: God, Country, Family, and Self. To achieve the Bear rank, the Cub Scout must earn his choice of twelve: one from the first group, three from the second group, and four from each of the third and fourth groups. After achieving the Bear badge, a boy may concentrate on twenty-four Bear elective areas until he becomes a Webelos Scout. Gold and Silver Arrow Points are also awarded for these projects.

Bear Den leader:
Alison Williams
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After completing the third grade, a Cub Scout graduates with ceremony into a Webelos den. This is a special den for boys in the fourth or fifth grade or who are 10 years old. The Webelos Scout program is more challenging to the older boy. He works on the Webelos Badge and can earn twenty Webelos activity badges. As a fifth grader or at age 10 he may earn Cub Scouting’s highest award – the Arrow of Light.

First Year Webelos –
Den leader: Erin Venegas
E-Mail Erin


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