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Welcome to Pack 128!

The leadership would like to give you a little information to help you (and your son or daughter) get off to a good start. If you have already come to your first Pack Meeting then you probably already know a few of these things.

Basic organization:
The Scout organization is very large and there is a ton of information that can be retrieved from the web. Nevertheless, the local organization is more important to understand.

The local scout council is called the Mt Diablo Silverado Council located at: 800 Ellinwood Way, Pleasant Hill.

Scout Shop Website.

At this location they have a scout store (Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri 9-6PM, Weds – 9-7PM, Sat10-5PM) where you will go to buy a uniform. The people at the store are very helpful. Please ask them to help you because there are a lot of items that go with the uniform.

The next level is the Pack:
The leader of the Pack is the Cubmaster and he has also an Assistant Cubmaster. The responsibility of the Cubmaster and his assistant is to run the pack meetings. There is also a Committee who are responsible for organizing the pack meetings, outings and awards. They are also responsible for maintaining the roster and treasury.

Below that level is the Den. Your son will be assigned a den based on his grade level.

The levels are:

Lion (Kindergarten)
Tiger (1st grade)
Wolf (2nd grade)
Bear (3rd grade)
1st year Webelos (4th grade)
2nd year Webelos (5th grade)

The dens are assigned numbers (Lion through Bear), thereafter they adopt a Den name instead of a number (like Dragons, or something else equally dramatic). Each Den has a leader and most questions could be addressed to him/her. He is responsible for telling you of any outings. These outings are sometimes organized at the den level, even if the whole pack is involved. The den leader is also responsible for keeping the kids moving towards rank advancement


  • The pack supplies a neckerchief and awards.
  • Cost of scouting is $65 per year.
  • Additional costs include:
  • Handbook (approx. $11),
  • $12.50 for a subscription to Boy’s Life magazine (optional).
  • Approximate uniform costs:
  • Shirt ($23),
  • Belt ($8),
  • Hat ($13),
  • slide for the neckerchief ($4),
  • assorted basic patches ($7)
  • (see the Cub Scout book for correct placement)
  • (note that pants, shorts and socks are not mandatory)

Note also that in this pack it is common to also have a red vest. These vests are used to display a large variety of patches that cannot be sewn on the uniform. Please see the picture. Your scout will receive many small patches called segments. These will surround a central Silverado Patch. All the other patches can be put anywhere on the vest. The scout store sells red vests and they are acceptable. However, an alternative is available through “Port Authority Fleece Jacket (in red)”
Red Fleece vest on

Additionally, the scout will also receive belt loops (they fit over the belt).

Rank advancement:
All requirements are listed in the Scout Handbooks. There is a specific handbook for each rank. New scouts have to complete the Bobcat requirements before they start on any of the other requirements. It is not necessary to complete lower level ranks if your child enters scouting at a higher level. For example, if your child enters while in the 3rd grade, he starts with the Bear rank and will not complete either Tiger or Wolf. All the requirements for advancement in rank should be completed before the end of the school year and are most often completed before the Blue and Gold Banquet in February. Many of the requirements need to be completed with the help of the parents. All requirements can be signed off by the parents. Additionally, electives can be done. These are listed in the back of the book. You need to notify the den leader of what things have been completed. It is his job to monitor the scout’s progress and notify the Awards Representative so that the patches or pins can be purchased.

Pack Meetings
The pack meets once a month, usually on the  2nd Tuesday of the month 7:00 til 8:00 PM at Robert Semple School, Benicia, CA (in the multi-purpose room). However, there are several times when the meetings are at different times and locations. Check the calendar on this website for specific dates and times. Besides announcements and awards, the pack meetings include several fun activities. Most important is the Raingutter Regatta, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet and the Arrow of Light.

The pack has several outings throughout the year. These may include camping, fishing, overnights on an aircraft carrier or submarine, overnight at the zoo, an aquarium or Hall of Science, bike rides, hikes, parades. Parental involvement is helpful to keep the scouts safe. Usually, medical forms are needed from each scout. Guidelines in Guide to Safe Scouting require that at least one leader trained in Youth Protection be present at every outing or event.

Service projects and fund raisers
The pack gets its operating funds from two major projects, Popcorn sales and Christmas tree recycling. Parental involvement is critical.

Service projects build citizenship. These include Scouting for Food, Public Flag Ceremonies, Coastal Cleanup and other community service projects. The scout will receive a patch for his participation.

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  1. I am new to Benicia, and I wanted to be contacted about my fourth grade son and fifth grade daughter that we are seeking a pack for.

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